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The Sybian represents a marvel in sex machine design. It is simple to operate yet achieves a number of different types of orgasms depending on the riding style of the "rider" and the attachment used. The machine is also rugged in construction and can withstand some extremely heavy loads. The shape of the Sybian is that of a cylinder cut in half. It resembles a vibrating saddle. In the center of the Sybian sex machine is an attachment (there are a number of optional attachments that can be interchanged on the Sybian) with an embedded shaft that can rotate and vibrate with varying intensity (see Fig 1 and Fig. 2).

sybian rotating sybian vibrating

The female rider simply sits on the Sybian in a straddle-like manner and allows the shaft to penetrate her vaginal opening. Among the many different attachments for the sex machine is a "nub" attachment that does not have an embedded shaft and does not penetrate the vagina. Its primary function is to stimulate the clit without intruding into the vaginal cavity. The controls to the Sybian are straight forward and easy to understand. The controls are split into two sections; the left side controls the rotation of the shaft and the right side controls the vibration of the shaft. Each side of the wired remote control panel has a knob on the top and an on/off switch on the bottom. As a result, she can turn on/off the rotation and do the same for the vibration separately. The knobs control the intensity of rotation and vibration of the Sybian's shaft depending on which knob you manipulate. Obviously if the "nub" is attached, the rotation controls will not have any sexual impact since there is no intrusive shaft embedded in the attachment.

Orgasms are achieved through a combination of rider comfort and confidence combined with which attachment is used and which position the rider is on the Sybian. Ultimately, the female rider should assume a riding position which she is most comfortable with to achieve ultimate sensation and satisfaction. All of the attachments that fit on the Sybian have small bumps on them that provide clitoral stimulation when the rider leans forward.


  • Rugged construction,
  • Variable speed control,
  • Variety of attachments to suit most desires,
  • Excellent documentation,
  • Most women are satisfied with this machine (trust me)
  • Excessive Price,
  • Heavy,
  • Intimidating to some riders,
  • Weighs 22 pounds with convenient finger grips to carry and move easily.
  • Is 13.25" Wide, 12.5" Long, 8.5" to top of padded cover and 10" to top overall.
  • Has a very high quality 1/29th HP - 20:1 ratio Gearmotor that drives the rotation and may be controlled from 0 to 120 RPM
  • Has the same quality, but a 1/17th HP motor that drives the vibration and this may be controlled from 0 to 6500 RPM. Both the Motor and Gearmotor are made by Bodine Electric Company.
  • Has both the On/Off switches and the speed control knobs on the end of a 3' cable for your convenience. Rotation and vibration are independently controlled.
  • Has a detachable 8' power cord that plugs into a fused inlet for your convenience and protection.
  • Is available in either a 120V or 240V version. We ship around the world. Uses internal parts of highest quality available that, in general, should never need repair or maintenance. A lifetime of pleasure without problems.
  • Has a housing that will withstand over 1000# of weight or pressure.
  • Has a high quality naugahyde cover that can be washed and kept clean with any good cleaning agent.
  • Uses detachable rubber parts that can be thrown into the sink and washed thoroughly after each use.

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